A.T.E. - A committed partner of the Indian textile industry

A.T.E. was founded in 1939 as a part of India’s drive to self-sufficiency through economic development in the country. Since then, A.T.E. has been a catalyst for technological evolution of the textile industry in India by bringing cutting edge technologies from around the globe, and also manufacturing some of the latest equipment and accessories in India. A.T.E.’s business offers customers the twin benefits of high technology and economy. 


Today, A.T.E. is an undisputed leader in the field of textile engineering in India and enjoys a unique distinction of being a one window solution provider encompassing every textile process – spinning, knitting, weaving, processing, synthetics, technical textiles, non-woven and carpet finishing.  A.T.E. represents 50+ world leaders – the who's who of high technology in the textile engineering arena. Customers also view A.T.E. as a consulting resource, on account of A.T.E.’s deeply embedded knowledge of textile processes.


In spinning, A.T.E. offers complete world-class solutions in spinning covering blow rooms, cards, draw frames, lap winders and combers from Trützschler automatic winders and TFOs by Savio,  bobbin transport, yarn conditioning and OHTC from SARA ELGI, assembly winders by SSM, and a range of spinning accessories covering spinning machinery components, compact spinning systems, card clothing, textile testing equipment, etc.  


A.T.E. has a joint venture Truetzschler India Private Limited (JV with Trützschler GmbH & Co. KG, Germany) for manufacturing spinning preparatory machinery. It also has a state-of-the art manufacturing facility to manufacture high precision spinning machinery components under the brand TeraSpin.

A.T.E. has expertise in different technologies related to fabric forming process. A.T.E. offers a complete range of warp knitting, technical textiles, weaving preparatory machines from Karl Mayer. A.T.E.’s portfolio also covers circular knitting machines from Jingmei.

In the sphere of textile processing, A.T.E. is the only Indian company offering the complete range of machinery and accessories for dyeing, printing and finishing across multiple applications of yarn and fibre, knitted fabrics, terry towels, woven fabrics, denim and technical textiles including ETP.  These hi-tech solutions come from the best in class manufacturers from around the world, namely, Fong’s, THEN, Mahlo, Monforts, Monfongs, Goller, Stalam, Osthoff-senge, Guarneri Technology, Corino, Zimmer, Color Service, SSM, Dunline, CIEA, etc. 


Technical textiles are crucial to India’s progress. A.T.E. provides a full range of equipment for technical textiles and non-wovens from Trützschler Non-wovens, Karl Mayer, and others. In synthetics and carpets, A.T.E. offers solutions from Zimmer, Trützschler and CTMTC.

A.T.E. also offers humidification system from Luwa, logistics and material handling systems and automatic storage and retrieval systems from Godrej Consoveyo, ERP solutions from Datatex, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) from BMSVision, and machine upgrade and automation solutions. 


A.T.E.’s portfolio includes a wide range of high quality and efficient pumping solutions for various textile applications; and a comprehensive range of products to improve safety, productivity and quality in textile processes. These solutions are tailor-made and are intended for the control of static electricity in various applications such as carding, warping, weaving, processing and finishing and also air-to-air heat recovery systems to capture waste heat from stenters and hot air dryers.


Since the last few years, A.T.E. has invented and deployed several original green products and solutions in the areas of Air, waTer, and Energy. 

In the area of wastewater, A.T.E. HUBER Envirotech, an A.T.E. group company, offers state-of-the-art solutions for wastewater treatment, recycling, and sludge management covering both industrial and municipal sectors. It has developed the unique ‘AAA’ technology for treating textile effluents, which results in reduced chemical consumption, low sludge generation, and low energy costs, while ensuring consistent quality of treated water. A.T.E. HUBER Envirotech can also supply specialised wastewater treatment equipment from Huber, Germany.


A.T.E.’s energy efficient cooling solutions with the brand HMX, patented heat exchange technology are fast gaining wide acceptance across industrial and commercial segments.  These cooling solutions not only ensure people comfort and enhanced productivity, but also improve process efficiency.


A.T.E.’s Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) system provides solar energy for heating, helping to reduce fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions and increase profits.


A.T.E.’s Smart manufacturing suite based on Industrial IoT helps digitise manufacturing shop floors, and use “big data” analytics to provide actionable insights helping such customers to achieve their vision of operational excellence, increase revenue, improve customer service and comply with regulations.


With a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, A.T.E. has been a catalyst in the development of the Indian textile industry. The spirit from the beginning has been one of partnership with the textile industry to provide the best technologies and services across the textile spectrum, driven by A.T.E.’s theme – ‘partnering people & the planet’. 









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