Loepfe guarantees 100% quality monitoring for winding and open-end spinning mills.

Our optoelectronic yarn clearers have made history. The measuring principle comes closest to the assessment by the human eye. A technological top performance at speeds of two thousand meters per minute. The quality of Loepfe YarnMaster yarn clearers is unique.

They ensure reliability and top efficiency in online classification of faults. The universally usable sensors detect smallest faults and achieve reliable results under all production conditions. One sensing head is sufficient for covering a large yarn count range.

All these data are sent to MillMaster TOP.The systematic evaluation shows the reliable path to process optimization. The control ensures the quality of the end product and thus the success of the manufacturer. Our customers know – with Loepfe they see more.

Loepfe's laboratory test instruments follow a new ground-breaking philosophy.

Loepfe made the lab processes more efficient by integrating various textile test procedures in one laboratory systemwith regard to time, resources and result analysis. Loepfe thereby meets the demand for more efficiency in textile laboratories.

The all-in-one-principle of Loepfe LabMaster automates the complete test procedure, reduces space requirements, maintenance, service and operator staff. Test instruments for fibers and yarns are basic components of every textile laboratory.

With the unique integration of various measurements in one system, Loepfe supports the decision process in the spinning mill, from fiber processing up to the finished yarn. All measured data are transfered to LabMaster TOP. The fast access to all data simplifies analysis and evaluation in reports which considerably facilitates the work of the decision-makers.

Loepfe is accredited supplier of all wellknown weaving machine manufacturers.

Our WeftMaster is the leading technology and always sets new standards. In addition to countless proven products, there are always innovative new developments which increase quality and productivity. The optical yarn fault sensor FALCON-i is a new, path-breaking innovation for weaving and spinning mills. It detects and removes even the smallest knots, fluff and filamentation.

In the production of high-tech woven fabrics, the installation of the optical sensor ensures a more efficient zero-defect production. Loepfe develops tailor-made overall solutions for machine manufacturers that ensure 100% weft thread insertion. Thanks to Loepfe know-how and Loepfe master technology, weaving mills have their production under control.

Loepfe lays the foundation for the international success of its textile quality assurance systems with sustainable products and individual customer service.

We know the requirements and developments of the textile industry in the individual countries and maintain a long-standing relation with the industry leaders. We offer our customers with functional and future-oriented solutions with added value. We provide sustained state-of-the-art solutions and deliver all spare parts reliably even after many years. Our main markets are China, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, Taiwan and Brazil. We do a good portion of our business directly with machine manufacturers in Europe and the Far East. We work hand in hand with these manufacturers in order to increase the effectivity in quality assurance from year to year.

Loepfe has a well coordinated sales network with about 90 representations in more than 70 countries. We are local, close to the customer. Our service is the key for our customers' success. Our assistance goes beyond mere product support.

Our service team comprises trained textile technologists with a wealth of experience. Loepfe offers training and further education and locally ensures efficient quality management at top level.

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