Strata Constructing State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility in Gujarat


Strata Geosystems, a global leader in the soil reinforcement industry, began construction for its newest state-of-the-art manufacturing facility aimed at meeting the growing demand for geotechnical products.


Since inception, Strata's journey has been driven by innovation. Whether it is using StrataGrid™ with coal-based pond ash or to reinforce a vertical landfill, Strata's out-of-the-box thinking has solved infrastructure challenges around the world. A vision for manufacturing superior quality products and building high performance structures inspired the creation of the new Rs. 100-Crore($15M) manufacturing plant in Gujarat. This reaffirms the company's loyalty towards the 'Make in India' initiative.


To put things in perspective, Strata currently has a dominant share of the geogrid market in India. At current capacity levels, Strata will already contribute 8 million sqm of the estimated 17 million sqm domestic volume in 2017. However, under Prime Minister Modi's leadership, the infrastructure sector in India has accelerated significantly. Geogrid demand is expected to reach nearly 19 million sqm in 2018. Strata's new facility is being designed with a capacity of 20 million sqm in its first phase, which will be seamlessly scaled up to 30 million sqm by 2020. The new facility will help strengthen Strata's existing value offering of providing integrated solutions in India including geogrid supply, design, and construction.


The 150,000 sq.ft. modern facility will house the next-generation of wide-width machines, adopt an advanced coating technology, and automate several material-handling activities. The grounds will also include a world-class field-testing facility and an advanced laboratory to mimic site conditions. Maintaining its long history of environmentally responsible operations, Strata's newest facility will implement a variety of renewable energy sources, such as solar power and rain-water harvesting.


The opening of this plant in Q2 2018 is a milestone for the country's technical textile sector and a key step towards global expansion for Strata. Being partners with the technical textile veteran in the U.S., Glen Raven Inc., the promoters in India - Narendra Dalmia and Ashok Bhawnani are proud of this next big step and look forward to the exciting new beginnings.


About Strata Geosystems:


Strata Geosystems is a leader in the geosynthetics market across the globe. Strata provides end-to-end solutions for soil reinforcement challenges including the supply, design, and construction with our world-renowned StrataGrid™ (geogrid) and StrataWeb® (geocells). In addition to the ISO and CE mark, the testing for our products are conducted in GAI-LAP accredited labs across the U.S., U.K., and India. We are also a proud member of the International Geotechnical Society (IGS) promoting advancements in geosynthetics.


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