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Manchester of Power loom cluster ,Bhiwandi; is not in a good position due to various reasons :

• Yarn rates are very fluctuating, Yarn traders / manufacturer domination in the sector.

• Cost of Fabric is higher as compare to other places inIndia due to higher expenses, rates of wages, lands etc. Productivity reduced, as this sector fully operational only for 4-5 months. China’s cheap finished fabrics had broken the bone of Indian textile trade. China’s finished cloth is equal to Indian raw materials.

• No New labour available due to lack of training in power loom sector. Shortage of labours is the chronic pain to textile weavers.

• High power costs as compare to other state is also one of the major concerns for Bhiwandi weavers.

• Ease of Business getting worsen due to GST, VAT, industrial

safety standards. Bureaucracy of Indian Government making Bhiwandi weavers life miserable. 

• Working outside Bhiwandi customer is a nightmare, due to payment delay and defaulter.

Legal, Police and Financial system not supporting to weavers. Weaving business is at high risk as no profit gain, power looms are selling at scrap rates. After agriculture, textile sector has become bankrupt & suicide zone. Views by Weaver from Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, INDIA.

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