Textile value Chain

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In the past week, Indian cotton yarn KW20/1 and KW32/1 price decreased by 3 INR, and the price for KW20/1 and KW30/1 CNF China main port remained unchanged, which were at US$2.48/kg and US$2.70/kg; while Pakistan cotton yarn KW20/1 CNF China price was still at US$2.45/kg; Vietnam cotton yarn CNF China main port price was still at US$2.80; and Indonesia cotton yarn CNF China main port price was unchanged at US$2.88. In terms of raw materials, spot prices of Indian cotton, Brazilian cotton and American cotton rose slightly, the Pakistani spot price is slightly lower because of the exchange rate factor. The price of CotlookA index went up slightly. Textile profits in Vietnam and Pakistan are slightly better than last week, but remain at the historically low level. Indian yarn prices fell, worsened the profits. The overall yarn market showed no signs of improving, textile mills still complain about poor processing profits and low downstream consumption. Occasionally there were inquiries for Pakistan yarn, but very few substantial transactions; Vietnam's textile and apparel exports had a year-on-year growth in October but with a limited range; China's textile and apparel exports in November showed a slowdown in accumulative growth rate; The market…
Apart from the above major achievements, the industry progressively has seen major developments in the production of Technical & Industrial Textiles covering around 25 different fields of new applications. A huge variety of revolutionary products have been brought into the world market as a result of technological innovations in new fibres, yarns, fabrics, processing methods, dyeing and finishing. Unforeseen a few decades ago, these products have been successfully imagined and developed and now on the whole have brought dramatic positive changes in our environment and life-styles. The most exciting new markets for Technical and Industrial Textiles from a potential growth/value-added/profitability point of view involve the high technology or high performance applications. The forecast as to what will happen most likely in the technical and industrial textile world during the next decade is one of growth in spite of the current global financial situation.Global initiative has exploded in a big way in the recent years, creating an awareness of the impact our everyday life is creating in the environment. With an attempt to boost their sales, various sectors are enhancing their ecological credentials through the development of business strands, and through the manufacture of earth friendly products. The need for truly…
To curb the imports of Man-Made Fibres, MMF & Nylon yarns, the exporters has demanded 100% custom duty increase. The Local manufacturers urges to the government that they are suffering from the dumping of imported MMF textiles from countries like Vietnam , China and Bangladesh. In order to provide level-playing field to the indigenous manufacturers, they demands basic custom duty on polyester, viscose and others to be increased to 10% from the existing 5% and duty on nylon Fibres and yarns increased to 15% from current 7.5%. According to DGCI&S, the import of MMF yarn, fabrics and made-up together have gone up by 27 per cent and import of made-up staple Fibres increased by 19 per cent during April-July, 2018. The import of MMF textile has increased by almost 26 per cent in value terms at $869 million compared to $711 million in the previous year. Sources said, China has been dumping their fabrics and ready-made garments in the Indian market through Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam. Domestic textile manufacturers and associations have warned the top authorities that the domestic industry would be extinct if dumping is not countered. With increase in imports of man-made Fibres and MMF based textiles into India,…
The 20th century heralded new understanding in chemistry, which led to a vast array of polymers, dyestuffs, chemicals and finishes. New Fibres were born, new color expectations created. Technologies leapt ahead in all areas of manufacturing and processing. The global consumption of cotton increased, but the market share of cotton decreased. The change reflects cottons strengths and also the weaknesses. By the start of 21st century, cotton was just one of many fibres available. Everyone has heard about Polyester, Polyproplene , Nylon , Acrylic ,Lycra , Tencel, Kevlar and microfibers. But have you heard of Cool max, Xstatic, PCM s, Thermocules, Lycrapower , Tyvek , Supplex or Nanosheres ? these are products that are currently on the market ,or on the way. Coolmax was one of the first performance fabrics launched by DuPont in 1986. It is a hollow polyester fibre with specialized finish that promotes moisture management away from the body. According to the manufacturers .Coolmax makes sweat a non-issue. The new version Coolmax Alta, offers fabrics with a cottony soft handle, superior moisture management , a semi-matte luster and low –pill properties . Coolmax is a registered trademark of the manufacturer , INVISTA Ltd ( a business unit…
Polyester Chain Ethylene prices in Asian markets inched up in November supported by healthy Chinese demand ahead of the 2018 term discussions and due to rising upstream values.In US, ethylene spot prices fell during the month amid restarting crackers and recently completed downstream capacity.In Europe, spot ethylene prices slipped as buyers had stock, bought earlier in the year.Prices averaged US$1,161.00-1,163.00 a ton CFR SE Asia, up 0.6% from October while European spot fell 6.1% to average Euro969.90-974.90 a ton FD NWE. US spot prices were down2.6% on the month to average US cents 27.45-27.95 per pound FD USG.Paraxylene prices in Asia were upduring the month on strong feedstock values and increasing demand in the region.In Europe, spot paraxylene prices rose to seven-month high in November, reflecting higher prices in Asia. In US, paraxylene prices inched up on tight supply in the region. Asian marker, the CFR China averaged US$896.40 a ton, up 5.4% from last monthwhile European paraxylene rose 5.4% to US$807.20 a ton FOB Rotterdam. In US, spot paraxylene was at US$830 a ton FOB USG, up 2.5% on the month. Mono ethylene glycol prices in Asia gained in November amid high feedstock values and limited supply in the…
Yarn exports up in October, fabrics down as exporters hit by liquidity crunch In October 2017, the first month of 2017-18 cotton marketing year, recorded 89 thousand bales (of 170 kg each) of shipment as against 51 thousand bales in October 2016. With 2016-17 marketing season (October-September) closing at 6.74 lakh bale, it implies that exports this year will be significant. The price realization averaged (FOB) INR119 or US cents 80.8 per pound this month as against the Cotlook Index ‘A’ at 78.7 per pound Shankar-6 spot at US cents 75.4 per pound. Compared to a year ago, realization this year was US cents 7 lesser than last year but more than the ruling spot values and Cotlook ‘A’ index averages. However, a discerning trend will emerge in November this year since last year the markets were disrupted by the demonetization policy of the central government that banned high currency notes with effect from 9 November. The event had pushed peak period by almost a month and remained extended until May 2017. Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Indonesia were the largest importers of cotton with combined volumes at 82 thousand bales amongst the 11 countries that imported cotton from India in October.…
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